Straight Talk Smartphones List

Right now, Straight Talk has four available smartphones, all of which are available at the official Straight Talk website.  The smart phones generally all work with the famous $45/month unlimited plan that gives customers UNLIMITED talk, text, and web usage with their smartphones.  This website contains reviews and information about all of the currently available Straight Talk smartphones and will always be updated to have the latest phone releases.

Straight Talk smartphones are all prepaid, which essentially means that since you “pre-pay” for your phone service every month (instead of at the end of the month with contract phones), you avoid the need for a contract or any commitment whatsoever.  Furthermore, Straight Talk smartphones are very affordable and there are often very good deals going on at any given time.

Current Straight Talk Smart Phones (The List):

Nokia E71

Nokia E5

Samsung Galaxy Precedent (Android 2.2)

LG Optimus “Q” (Android 2.3)

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