Straight Talk Smartphone Mission Statement

This website will contain information, reviews, news, and best deals on every Straight Talk Smartphone available now.  I have been following Straight Talk’s unlimited plan and its phones for three years now and have watched the prepaid company progress into one of the most popular and competitive companies out there.  It’s unlimited plan is really good and it has a great lineup of phones.

The following listed phones are the Straight Talk smartphones we will deal with, review, and provide information for on this website.  Of course, when new smartphones arrive to ST, we will add them to the list and write about them.  In fact, this will probably be one of the first places to let you know about these new phone releases.

Straight Talk Smartphones:

Samsung Galaxy S3

iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

Huawei W1

Samsung Finesse r810c (retired, but still a fan favorite)

Nokia E71

Nokia 6790

Nokia E5

Samsung Galaxy Precedent (Straight Talk Android)

LG Optimus Q (Straight Talk Android)